The Indianapolis Legal Aid Society is dedicated to ensuring that qualified low-income persons living in the Central Indiana community have access to quality legal assistance for civil disputes.


The Indianapolis Legal Aid Society (“Legal Aid”) provides dedicated, caring, and effective legal services to persons of limited means.  We protect families and individuals in civil disputes and remove the barriers that prevent vulnerable populations from becoming productive citizens.

We at Legal Aid have a vision of legal assistance to our Central Indiana service area that differs from that of all other local legal service providers.

  • We serve our low-income clients quickly, with the best attorneys available, without charging fees.
  • We have no ideological, sectarian, or political agendas.

Our well-defined purpose is, and always has been, to serve all who qualify. Lacking ideological, governmental, and sectarian encumbrances, our staff lawyers are able to maintain a clear focus on the Legal Aid’s mission. Legal Aid’s sense of purpose and mission also clearly separates it from the private sector.


“Thank you for everything you have done for me.  You are a blessing!  I will never forget you, and it may be just a small everyday thing for you but this was a huge deal for me.  Thanks for everything!”

– Former Client