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Because of you we can help others!

The Indianapolis legal Aid Society is still going strong after 80+ years. We wish to thank all of you who gave to our 2022 Attorney Holiday Campaign. Without your support, Indianapolis Legal Aid Society would not be here to provide the legal assistance to the most vulnerable in our community. Working with our clients to resolve legal issues is just one part of what we do. We help promote economic self-sufficiency, preserve dignity, and strengthen our communities. We would like to give our deep appreciation to our outstanding committee members who made the campaign possible.




Lilly Endowment Inc

Lacy Johnson

Lee Christie



J. Mark Mutz

Gregg Byrne

Daniel Carmichael

Jennifer Lukemeyer

Grand Family Fund



Curtis Shirley

Kyle Christie

F. Ronalds Walker

William Barrett

Sarah Graziano

John Trimble

Thomas Davis



William Goggins

Kraege Family Fund

Philip Whistler

Richard Huser

David Herzog

Frederick Dennerline

Stephen Dutton

Jackie Bennett

Renea Hooper

 Linda Kenny

Jaqueline Leverenz

Barbara Jones


Peter Schroeder

Robyn Pauker

Richard Young

Heather McPherson

Hon. Daniel Molter

Libby Goodknight

Richard Thrapp

Robert Gauss

Robert Ebbs

N. Kent Smith

Marilyn Young

Dwight Lueck


Irwin Levin

Richard Freije

Kenneth Inskeep

 Susan Porter    

Hon. Martha Wentworth

Hon. Derek Molter

Barnes & Thornburg LLP

John & Susan Whitaker

Elizabeth Russell-Hartman

Ogletree Dearkins Nash Smoak & Stewart P.C.



Chris Braun

Gloria Mitchell

Andrew Klein

Gregory Kult

Robert Johnson

Travis Jensen

Parwana Noorzad-Schulz

Hon. Frank Sullivan

Jane Herndon

Terri Czajka

Jonathan Bumgarner

Theresa Ebbs

David Cutshaw

Scott Gilchrist

Wolf Technical

Jeffrey Abrams

Reynold Berry

Julie Dilts

Molly Lee

Harrington Law P.C.

Dale Eikenberry



Brett Nelson

Phillip Bayt

Thomas Scherer

Alan Brown

Greg Morris

Dylan Pittman

Karen Bravo

Eileen Moore

Angela Krahulik

Paul Wolfla

Linda Reddington

Randolph Seger

John Egloff 

Karl Mulvaney

Michael Griffiths

Edward Griggs

Paul Maginot

Michael Brown

Claire Lewis

Stacy Kelley

Nandita Guha

James Reed

Katherine Marshall

Andrew Detherage

Steven Moss

Mark Waterfill

Schultz & Pogue LLP 

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