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CLE 2022 Speakers & Topics

The following are the confirmed speakers:

Hon. Robert Altice, Jr.                                 Jimmie McMillian

Scott Bearby                                                Adrienne Meiring

James Bell                                                   Hon. Derek Molter                              Hon. Cale Bradford                                     Hon. Edward Najam, Jr.                     Hon. Michael Brennan                                Tony Patterson                      

Lee Christie                                                  Guy Relford                              

Hon. Steven David                                      Jeff Smulyan                              

David Herzog                                               Hon. Frank Sullivan, Jr.      

Hon. Jane Magnus-Stinson                       Gary Varvel

John Maley                                                  James Voyles, Jr.

Hon. Melissa May                                       Hon. Martha Wentworth 


The following are topics to-date:

  • Summary Judgment Shenanigans

  • The "Shadow Docket" in Indiana

  • Media Today: Distrust, Polarization and Anger

  • Civility in Ethics

  • How to Make the Best of a Bad Situation

  • Litigating a Red Flag

  • Motions Practice in the Court of Appeals

  • Navigating Federal Civil Practice Challenges

  • ROI of Pro Bono Services

  • Reversible Error

  • Thoughts on Legal Reasoning

  • Words Matter - Statutory Construction

  • What Not to Do, Say, and Wear in Court

  • Top Strategies in a Jury Trial

  • Top Strategies in a Bench Trial

  • Lessons from 50+ Years of Practice

  • The Art of Communication

  • How to Avoid a Bad Situation

  • Dealing with Different Judges

  • Trial Strategies from the Plaintiff's Perspective

  • Hot Topics at the NCAA

  • How to Write Better

  • Prospect  Theory








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